Leading the Environmnetal Evolution (1)

Better Business for a Better Tomorrow

Here at KLEERTECH® we are not only dedicated to providing the best products and services in the industry, we are also dedicated to environmentally friendly and sustainable practices. While it’s clear that our Bio-D® products such as Badge Holders, Badges, Ribbons, and Lanyards are important in accomplishing our goals for sustainability, we also wanted to assure our customers that we do our very best to make every aspect of our products as eco-friendly as possible.

A vast majority of our other products that don’t fall under the “Bio-D” category are still easily recyclable and some are even biodegradable as well, it just doesn’t degrade as quickly. Our Premium Clear badges are a perfect example of a very high quality product that is still completely recyclable! We never sacrifice quality in our green mission so that we can give you the best of both worlds. Thanks to new technologies from the past couple of years even our high quality Sublimated Lanyards can be repeatedly recycled! But we can’t call it good after saying that just our main products are sustainable, what about our processes? What about our accessory and display products?

The foil stamping and embossing on any of our products is not only biodegradable and recyclable, but the process uses zero solvents, inks, or vapors. Meaning that the entire process has zero carbon footprint! Multiple independent studies have proven that foil stamped and/or embossed paper is 100% re-pulpable and has a 0% effect on the biodegradability of any of our products. Feel confidant in your choice to freely create exactly what you want knowing that the environment thanks you!

Besides just paper and plastic, all of our wooden products are made from local Missouri Oak trees and are easily reusable. All of our single use products are thoughtfully crafted to insure they are 100% recyclable and/or 100% biodegradable. No matter which products you choose, you will always make the right choice to stay green!

Not only do our products reflect our claims of being completely sustainable, KLEERTECH® as a company recycles between 80,000 and 90,000 pounds of materials every year! We make sure that while our employees are on the clock that they recycle everything they possibly can in solidarity with our mission. We understand that if we want to build a company that lasts forever, we must first build a world that can last forever.