A Celebration of Innovation


We are both happy and proud to announce our 3rd patent has been approved! Our 3rd patent was for our very own lanyard attachment, the PET Strap Links. What sets these strap links apart? Why are they patent worthy? Well we find that very easy to answer! For one these links are not only 100% anaerobically biodegradable, meaning that they biodegrade if buried in the ground, but that means they also won’t degrade sitting on your desk or in your warehouse while they await use. They are also very durable, but have the ability to be used as a breakaway attachment if safety is your #1 concern. They can be disconnected and reconnected constantly while still fastening to the badge/badge holder tightly. They weigh only 2/3 the weight of the classic Bulldog Clip attachment, while filling a similar role with more utility! That weight change will save you money on shipping, save gasoline and energy making them even more environmentally friendly, and make them less cumbersome to store in large quantities! The lanyard itself that the strap links are attached to are also made from 100% recycled materials! Here at KLEERTECH we try “Leading the Event Evolution” at every turn, and this is just one more accomplishment to prove our dedication. Patent processes are quite difficult and take a very long time to acquire, if you manage to acquire them at all. Here is a list of basic to-dos just to get an idea of what it takes.

    1. Create your invention. An obvious 1st step! Also a helpful thing to mention is you need to have records of your processes!
    2. Confirm that you actually made something somebody else hasn’t! We had to do patent research to make sure that our invention hasn’t already been patented by somebody else. It would be heartbreaking to work so hard on something that’s already been made!
    3.  Think about your creation, is it viable in today’s market? We had to make sure that market research was done in our industry to determine whether pursuing a patent was actually worth it or not.
    4. Lawyer up! Ok, maybe not really necessary, but a lawyer/attorney to help with more detailed research and to guide you through the application process is incredibly helpful.
    5. Submit a “provisional” patent application. So this isn’t exactly a real patent, but they help you figure out what you need to/should be doing to make sure you get approved when the time comes.
    6. Actually submit an application. Who would have thought that when working to get a patent, that actually applying for it would be so far down the list? This application takes tons of different pieces, including a paper that describes your creation and highlights its usefulness. This paper would include the following:
      • Information that explains the intentions of your invention and how it will help people.
      • A summary of your invention.
      • A detailed description of your invention.
      • Highlight everything that your invention has to offer! In our case that would be re-usability, the sustainability, and the strength of our new PET Link Straps
    7.  Submit Protection Claims. The whole reason you’re getting the patent is to protect your invention, so tell them what about it needs to be protected to keep other people from stealing it!
    8. Communicating with the Patent Office. The Patent Office may actually send you rejections that require you to change stuff about your patent, or just send you a flat out rejection and you will have to start the process from scratch all over again. You can rest assured that they ask plenty of questions and bring up plenty of objections to make it extra difficult to for us to be approved.

Seems like a lot, yeah? Well arduous processes like these won’t hold us back or keep us down. We won’t stop evolving our company or the event industry!  A HUGE congratulations to Brent James and Barbara Kramer on this wonderful achievement, you made this company proud and set us even farther apart from the rest of the industry! We also want to thank all of our customers who have supported us for all of these years, 3 patents is a huge accomplishment, and we look forward to being able to announce our 4th some day!