Honoring Heroes of Hospitality



Just a couple weeks ago, KLEERTECH had the absolute pleasure of attending the Hospitality Heroes and the St. Louis Convention and Visitors Commission Annual Meeting along with many other very prominent St. Louis businesses and organizations. The St. Louis CVC is better known by Explore St. Louis, the mission to increase tourism and economic growth in our wonderful city.

We discussed all of the fantastic things happening in our city such as our new soccer team, The Battlehawks, and the completion of the Arch Grounds while also honoring the outstanding effort of our public service members that make sure St. Louis is an amazing experience for all of its visitors. The reason KLEERTECH attended this event was because not only are we a business based in St. Louis, we are also the largest manufacturer of Event ID Products in the entire United States of America, helping supply a vast number of events that contribute to the tourism in the city. While we proudly supply events and help them run smoothly world wide, we also take pride in our home town and we want to do our part in making it an even greater place to live and visit.

We do this by making sure that we provide top notch products and services while going above and beyond in customer service as well. If we continue to make people’s events the best they can be, throwing them in St. Louis for our hands-on assistance would be a no-brainer! KLEERTECH highly recommends coming to enjoy the sights, beauty, history, and incredible zoo of our city if you have never been.


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