Sun and Ocean

KLEERTECH®’s Days in the Sun

What do you think of when someone mentions the state of Florida?

Sunshine, Beaches, Disneyland, Spring Break, Retirees, Snow Birds …?

Apartments may not immediately come to mind, but in Florida, apartments are a large part of the tourist industry. In addition, Florida is one of the top three states retirees move to and many move into apartments.

The Florida Apartment Association (FAA) is an important part of  Florida’s rental and owner apartment industry. FAA meets annually with a Conference and Trade Show where it provides a forum and platform for the over 900 apartment and multi-family housing professionals in Florida.

This year’s event in Orlando featured an impressive lineup of presenters and keynote speakers including Scott Kelly, the astronaut who lived in space for almost a year as a participant in a NASA study on the effects of living in space for long periods.

As a part of the FAA annual conference and trade show , KLEERTECH® has provided FAA with event registration services and event supplies including name badges and lanyards since 2017.

Here’s what Mike Bishop, KLEERTECH® sales manager, had to say about this year’s event:

“FAA 2019 was a huge success for the event organizers and everyone involved.  Everything went perfectly from the expo hall to all of the sessions and programs!  The Florida Apartment Association really knows how to throw a great event!”

Next year’s event is already in the works and KLEERTECH® is looking forward to being there next September in Hollywood, Florida.

See all you FAA members there!


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