Our Bio-D Patent: A Revolution in the Event Evolution

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Our mission to be as sustainable and as green as possible is something we take seriously. We cannot continue to be a successful business if we don’t take care of the world we are given. This is why we diligently worked on a solution to eliminate our waste and carbon footprint; and that solution has been found!  As most anybody reading this blog already knows, we are the proud owners of our very own patented Bio-D process. This process is especially revolutionary because it allows our products to biodegrade anaerobically. This means that our product only starts to biodegrade in an environment with no oxygen, meaning you can store it for future use for as long as you like; but it will degrade if it ends up in a landfill. How do we accomplish such an impressive feat you may ask? Well have no fear, we are very happy to explain just how our efforts make the event industry vastly more sustainable!

Our Bio-D Badge Holders are infused with enzymes. These enzymes remain completely dormant in any environment where oxygen is present. Once our products are buried any deeper than six inches, over time, these enzymes “awaken” and eat away at the product. The only thing left of the process is small amounts of methane monooxigenase, which if buried deep in a landfill, has shown to assist in oxidizing environmental pollutants! So the bio-degradation of our product can potentially help clean up landfills, an incredible help to the fight against pollution. If you don’t want to throw away your badge holders, that’s fine too! Our badge holders are also 100% recyclable!

There truly is no down side to supporting a product like this! These badge holders can be re-purposed for any products that need a plastic material, just make sure you remove any attachments or inserts first. It can be shredded with other plastics and recycled into whatever your heart desires. Or, just keep reusing them as they are! Our badge holders are very resistant to wear and tear, making them a great reusable product, so you wont even have to worry about recycling or biodegrading until you’ve run them ragged. This is where we are Leading the Event Evolution, and other manufacturers just can’t seem to keep up with our level of innovation! If you want to stay ahead of the event planning game and stay sustainable, you know where to come!


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