Love Your Lanyards

Love Your Lanyards

Yes, we love our lanyards.  Lanyards are the easiest and most convenient way to wear a name badge or ID  at any event.   With a lanyard, there are no troublesome pins or clips to deal with and no big decision to make, like “Where can I pin this darn thing on?”  The name badge attaches easily to the lanyard, not your best cashmere sweater. You’ll especially like our strap link “no snags” sustainable lanyard which provides a snag free permanent attachment for any name badge.

But wait a minute!

What do you do with this lanyard and the dozen others you may have collected once the shows are over?

Consider repurposing as a good place to start.

There are lots of options.  Here are a few:

  • Replacements for broken handbag or tote handles.
  • Straps to use in back packing, hiking, cycling, and long distance running.
  • If you have a bunch, weave or braid them together to make jewelry or belts … Be creative!
  • Have a pet? Connect two or three lanyards together to make a leash for your small or medium sized dog. You can even fashion a single lanyard into a sturdy collar for your pet.
  • Remove the hardware from a ribbon lanyard and what do you have? The perfect bookmark. Make two or three from just one lanyard.
  • The obvious re-purposing of a lanyard is a key chain of course. Use a lanyard as is and attach your keys for a wearable key holder or cut it into sections and glue or stitch into loops to make portable key holders.
  • Finally, for a large quantity of lanyards, donate to schools or non-profit organizations for reuse or recycle the polyester lanyards at a textile waste recycling facility or collection box. Follow this link for tips on recycling polyester textiles Textile Recycling Tips.

Whichever option you choose, you’ll be doing the right thing. Be sure to spread the word and tell your fellow event goers or planners how they can re-purpose too.