CMP Conclave 2019- We were there!


The Event Industry Council’s (EIC) origins go back to the 1940’s when four organizations formed an informal coalition to address the issues of “group business”.  In 1949, they met formally to organize the Convention Liaison Committee (CMC). The CMC was primarily formed to forge the relationships between the convention official, the hotel executive and the convention bureau representative.

In 1974, the CMC was renamed the Convention Liaison Council (CLC) which was then incorporated in 1981.

In 1985, the CLC launched its innovative program for certifying professionals in the meeting and event industry. It was named the program for Certified Meeting Planners (CMP).

In 1995 the first CMP Conclave was held in Braselton, Georgia with 46 certified professionals in attendance.

With an ever expanding role in the event industry, the CLC changed its name to the Convention Industry Council (CIC) in 1999.

In 2007, with the growing awareness of environmental issues, the CIC through its Accepted Practice Exchange (APEX) committee began a five year program with ASTM, the International standards organization to develop standards for sustainable meetings. The nine standards which resulted from the program were released in 2012.

In 2014, due to concerns raised within the event industry, CIC introduced a specialized certification program for meeting professionals who managed the production of meetings in the health care industry. The professionals in this branch of the event industry were facing a large number of specific regulations, laws, and best practices which required specialized knowledge and skill sets.  To meet these needs the CIC developed the CMP-HC program as an adjunct to the CMP program.

In 2017, to reflect its inclusion of all member associations both national and global, the CIC became the Event Industry Council (EIC)

In January 2019 the EIC launched an initiative independent of the ASTM with the introduction of four new sustainability principles. The principles encompassed the 17 United Nations sustainable development goals and included a complete definition of a sustainable event.

In line with the new principles, EIC also introduced its virtual Center for Sustainable Events with the vision of building a community of sustainable event professionals.

At the latest CMP Conclave, attendees were given the opportunity to participate and earn credits in educational sessions specific to sustainable meetings and events.

Over nearly seven decades, the EIC through its many iterations has provided the event industry with guidelines, standards of practice, problem solving techniques, forums for the sharing and exchange of ideas, comprehensive training programs for event professionals, and a path to sustainable events.

The EIC today continues to evolve to meet the challenges of changing norms and practices in the industry and the world at large.

KLEERTECH® has been a proud 11 year  sponsor of EIC and the CMP Conclave and we’ll be there next year for CMP Conclave 2020.

KLEERTECH®, Leading the Event Evolution


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