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Building A Dream Event

Imagine you’ve decided you want to buy a house. You are a first-time buyer, and you want your Dream Home to be a new construction home. What are some of the first things you should think about?

What can you afford, how much should you budget for?

Location, Location, Location! Where do you want your new home to be built? What is important for the location? Schools, commute to work, shopping and entertainment, scenic views.

What kind of house do you want?  Ranch or two-story?  Modern or traditional? How much square footage?  Will you need more space as your family grows or for aging parents? How many bedrooms and bathrooms?

Do you want to hire a building company to handle all the details? Or do you want to do it yourself with help from a few independent contractors. Who will your builder be? How will you find the right one for you? Can the builder provide what you need and on time?  When can construction start? Will they be helpful in guiding you through the building process? What are the terms of the construction contract?

Do you want any upgrades and how affordable are these?

Will you need built-ins for  communications and entertainment technology?  Think wiring for internet , computing  and speaker systems.

Will you have a choice of sources for exterior and interior building materials?

How will you furnish your new home? What will you need?  Drapes or blinds or both.  A new sectional, a wall-size flat-screen TV?

Is there a warranty on the finished home and what will it cost?

How much time will it take from planning to completion of your new home?

What are the steps once construction is complete and your home is move-in ready?

Moving in; do it yourself? Hire a mover?

How many people are coming to your house- warming party? When should you send invitations? Who to invite. Will you be ready to entertain?

Now think of your job as an event planner. Event planning requires a lot of carefully considered steps. Many of the considerations you would make in buying a new construction home are similar to the ones you make when planning and executing an event.


Event budgets are usually not open-ended. You have to work within the limits of the allotted funds.

Location and Venue

The surroundings and ambiance of your location and venue can set the tone for your event. What do you want your attendees experience to be? How large a space will you need?  Will you need rooms for sessions, a large hall for exhibition booths?

Will you need tables and banner stands?  Will you have to out-source what you need or are these available with the venue?

Will the venue be technology ready? Is WiFi available? Will you have charging stations?

What are the conditions of the contract agreement with the venue? Can the costs meet your budget?

 Timing and Promotion

How much time do you need? How much time will you need for planning and organizing the event? When does your client want to start promoting the event? When does the client want to schedule the event? How many days is the event held for?

Attendee Registration and Check In and Registration Services

Will you want to use a full Registration Service or will the client do it themselves with limited services (DIY website and registration badge printing). What should a Registration Services contract look like?

Exhibitors and Speakers

Will you need to make provisions for exhibitors and speakers?

Registration Supplies and Promotional Products

What merchant resources will you need to help with the planning and organization?

Who is your supplier for name badges, lanyards and promotional items?

What kind of promotional items would appeal to your client’s attendees?

Entertainment and Food Service

Who will cater meals or refreshments?  Does the venue provide catering?

Do you want on site entertainment sessions or off site offerings?

These are only a few of the steps and considerations that go into making an event happen.

Remember, whether it’s your dream home or a dream event, all of it may seem overwhelming at times but taken step by step and with careful planning, the results will be exactly what you want.

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