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It’s A Virtual World

What are some key features of a live face to face event? Here’s a few:

• Attendee Registration and check in
• Admission Fees and Badges
• Exhibitor and Sponsor signup
• Exhibition Booths
• Exhibitor Q & A
• Sessions
• Session Q & A
• Continuing Education Credits
• Workshops
• Panel Discussions
• Speakers
• Entertainment/Inspirational/Motivational Presentations
• Social Meetups with food and beverage
• Networking
• Analytics

For a live face to face event, registration, badge IDs, payment, exhibitor/sponsor sign up, on site check in, and event analytics may be handled using a software package which includes a registration website and a digital onsite check in. Some package add ins may also include for-credit session tracking and lead retrieval.
With a virtual event, the software package at a minimum will also include video speaker presentations and the presence of exhibitors and sponsors in a virtual environment.

People attend professional conferences and conventions for a variety of reasons. These events are an opportunity for them to meet and interact with their fellow professionals, learn about new products and developments in their fields and most importantly earn continuing education credits in their trade or discipline.
Professional and trade associations are among the largest producers of conventions and conferences in the US. These associations represent industries from construction to healthcare to IT to finance and many, many more.
Association events are where association members can attend sessions and workshops to earn education credits which can help them to advance their careers and, in some cases, allow them to continue practicing their profession or trade.
The demand and the need for these educational opportunities have not lessened since the cancellation or postponement of conventions and conferences throughout the country in recent months. Many associations want to continue offering these opportunities to their members and a virtual platform could be their best option even considering the loss of many of the social aspects of an in-person event.
Kleertech Registration Services has taken their legacy Genisys registration software and developed a software platform which presents a simple and affordable way to produce a virtual event with recorded educational sessions and exhibitor’s virtual booths viewed on demand on an iPhone, android phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.
Main features of the Genisys Virtual platform:

Registration/Sign Up
The Attendee Registration is processed online on the Event website with attendees choosing the courses and speaker presentations they want to view. Once attendee registration is complete, a confirmation email is sent to the registrant with their badge and order numbers. The email also contains a link to the virtual event login page where the attendee logs in with their badge number and last name.
Once the attendee logs in, the attendee will have the option to edit his or her information.

Exhibitors and sponsors sign up for virtual exhibition booths and sponsorship packages using a link provided in an email by event management or directly on the website.
Exhibitors and Sponsors display their virtual booths on a dedicated custom web page. Sponsors have additional opportunities for marketing with banner ads displayed throughout the website and appearances on content driven website pages.
Speakers are assigned individual web pages where they can display their photo and bio and provide a video portal to their presentations.

Viewing the Video (Speaker) Presentations and Virtual Exhibit Hall
Speaker Presentations, Course Credits
At any time during the time period specified by the event manager, the attendee may log in to the virtual event using the link in the registration confirmation email.
The link opens on the web page where the attendee information is displayed. The attendee may select links to the list of Speaker Presentations and the list of Exhibitors page using the menu tabs on the page.
When the attendee selects the Speaker Presentation tab, a page opens which displays a table listing each course presentation, the number of credit hours earned to date for the course, and a link to the speaker’s page.
When the link to the presentation is selected a page is opened which displays the video screen and the speaker’s photo and bio. Controls for Play, Stop/Pause, Captioning, Language, Video quality, volume, and screen size are at the bottom of the video screen.
Attendees are awarded course credits by viewing a presentation for the full recording time. The recording cannot be advanced manually. Verification checks can be inserted at intervals in the playing time to authenticate the viewers presence. The software tracks the time a video is played and then updates the number of credits earned. Number of views is not restricted but the attendee will not be given additional credit for repeated views.
The attendee may submit a question to the speaker using the text box displayed below the speaker information. The question is emailed to the speaker and the speaker’s response is displayed below the attendee’s question. The Speaker has the option to display all attendee questions which will then be shown below the attendee’s question.

Virtual Exhibitor Booths
When the attendee selects the Virtual Exhibit Hall tab a page opens which displays a table listing each exhibitor company name, a description of the company’s services and or products, and a link to the company’s virtual booth page.
A Search box is displayed above the table. The attendee may enter a keyword, product or company name to search for specific companies or products or scroll up and down the list to view all the Exhibitors in the list.
When the attendee selects the link to the Exhibitor a page opens which displays a video screen and the exhibitors detailed description of the product or services the exhibiting company offers. The video content features the product or service and a narration by the exhibitor.
Controls for Play, Stop/Pause, Captioning, Language, Video quality, volume, and screen size are at the bottom of the video screen.
The attendee may submit a question to the exhibitor using the text box displayed at the bottom of the page. The question is emailed to the exhibitor and the exhibitor’s response will be displayed below the attendee’s question. The exhibitor has the option to display other attendee’s questions which will be shown below the attendee’s questions.

With their device of choice, the attendees will experience a simple and intuitive user interface which can be easily navigated allowing them to meet their educational and professional goals and discover new products and ideas.
Behind the scenes, the event manager will have access to a variety of reports and analytics just like in a live face to face event event.

With the addition of a virtual platform, Genisys Software gives the event manager the flexibility to create and produce virtual events and looking to the future hybrid events. Starting with the basics, the Genisys project manager can work with event managers to create an all virtual, hybrid, or all live face to face event. The hybrid event will bring together all the components of the Genisys software package and provide new options for event goers who choose to stay at home and/or attend an event in person.

Whether live face to face, virtual, or hybrid Genisys software has all the options an event manager needs to plan a successful event.


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