Sunlight Behind the Clouds in a Blue Sky

Let There Be Light

What we call “light” when we use the phrases, “turn on the lights”, “light the candle”, and “it’s light outside” is only a part of the electromagnetic spectrum of light. When we figuratively “shed a light” on an issue or idea we are referring to what in more technical terms is visible light. All light has energy and throughout the spectrum, the energy varies from low to high.The spectrum of light is divided into sections of energy intensities with visible light somewhat in the middle. Sunlight is our most abundant source of electromagnetic light energy and represents the entire spectrum.

Another familiar type of light is ultraviolet or just UV which sits just to the right of visible light in the electromagnetic spectrum. UV light has gained some notoriety from its association with sunburn, skin aging and cancer. But UV light also has benefits including disinfection of solid surfaces, water, and air. This process was first discovered in the late 1800s by two scientists who used sunlight to prevent the growth of bacteria in a test tube. They later discovered it was the UV portion of sunlight that was preventing the growth. Scientists and Doctors went on to discover the use of UV light to control other types of microbial growth including fungi and viruses. The development of the electric UV light made it possible for UV disinfection techniques to be used almost anywhere without depending on the presence of natural sunlight.

Today, several manufacturers produce UV lamp fixtures which can be mounted on the ceilings of rooms where controlling the spread of disease is critical. The UV radiation helps control the microbes in the air spaces of the rooms. This method of disinfection is most effective in eliminating the microbes held in very small droplets of moisture suspended in the air.

The Covid-19 pandemic has offered us a new opportunity to explore the use of UV light in preventing the spread of disease. Some restaurant owners have already started installing the UV lights in their restaurants hoping to mitigate the spread of the Corona virus. At conferences, meetings, conventions and trade shows where even small groups are gathering, keeping everyone safe is a major concern. Installing UV lights in the venues for these events could be an important addition to the current use of PPE and shielding and the practice of social distancing and good personal hygiene in helping to ensure the safety of all.

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