Mermaid tails

Mermaids and Ventriloquists, Who Knew?

Times are different for now, but we aren’t giving up on the event industry. People still want to meet face to face with the people they share professions and interests with. Whether it’s sharing an occupation, a hobby, or a way of life, people will get together.
Here’s some facts and figures about the way it was and the way we hope it will soon be again:
The largest convention held in the United States is held yearly in Las Vegas with over 180,000 attendees coming to the Consumer Electronics Show.
The largest convention in the world is in Hanover, Germany. More than 250,000 people come to the annual Hanover Messe Industrial Manufacturing Fair from all over the world.
Associations are the mainstay of the event industry. In the U.S., there are more then 92,000 associations with memberships large and small.
What U.S. association has the largest membership? It’s the AARP with more than 33 million members.
“Do I have to wear a name badge?” The most frequently asked question at any of the regional AANR (American Association for Nude Recreation) conventions.
How long have associations existed in the U.S.? The first official association was established in Boston, Massachusetts in 1839. The American Statistical Association still holds its Conference on Statistical Practices every year.
What city is the most popular convention destination in the U.S.? Everyone likes the sun and sand in Orlando, Florida.
Who wins the global popularity contest? Barcelona, Spain attracts the most convention visitors in the world.
Comic Con may seem “unconventional” to some, but did you know Sacramento, California hosts the California Mermaid Convention every July? Put on your best tail fin and swim with your fellow mermaids all day.
And what about the International Ventriloquists Convention. Grab you hand puppet and go!
From serious to pure fun, professional to amateur, there’s a convention for everyone.
Hope to see you soon!

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