Meeting Your Meeting Needs

KLEERTECH® has grown from its start as Technical Sales and Services to become the largest manufacturer of name badge holders and event supplies in the United States. Founder Scott McKye and his team have always been customer-focused and driven to provide quality products at the lowest available prices. Our customers understand that buying direct from the source saves them time and money. Determination to serve our customers remains one of our greatest assets.

Our products are made and assembled at our plant near St. Louis, Missouri. We are also the first manufacturer in North America to receive a patent and third party certification for our Bio-D® product line. Recyclable, compostable and biodegradable name badge holders, lanyards, ribbons and clips, these products will disintegrate in landfills in as few as 5 years without leaving behind any toxic residue.

We endeavor to source and use renewable and sustainable raw materials in our products wherever possible. By partnering with companies who share our concern for the environment, we’ve lowered our environmental impact and diverted discarded materials destined for landfills.

Throughout the years, KLEERTECH® has grown its product and service offerings, but we continue to be dedicated to the challenge of providing quality, cost-effective and environmentally responsible alternatives for our customers.