Keep your registration materials organized and protected with KLEERTECH’s assortment of trays, trees and all-in-one meeting kits.

Name Badge Holder Trays with Lids accommodate 50 name badge holders each (3"H x 4"W paper insert size)
KLEERTECH’s corrugated carrying case holds 125 badge holders for secure and convenient transport.
Use as a single tray or link with additional sections. Holds 25 name badge holders.
Lanyards stay untangled and quickly accessible when hanging from our revolving easy-to- assemble and reusable Lanyard Tree.
A complete set of 26 tags printed A-Z. Use with any of our three badge holder trays to easily find attendee badges at check-in!
The ultimate in DIY for the cost-conscious meeting planner, KLEERTECH’s “Smart Kit” has everything you need for a small event. The holders, lanyards and badges are pre-packed inside the badge tray.
Dust free storage holds several different ribbon sizes at the same time. Vertical dividers can be moved to create different size compartments.
Recyclable tamper resistant wristbands are available in brilliant colors for a simple solution to one day or multiple day passes. Easy to pick out in a crowd, our wristbands can be custom printed and consecutively numbered.
Bit Badge™ gives you the latest in wearable technology. Bit Badge™ easily attaches to any badge holder or all-in-one badge. Using Bluetooth technology, Bit Badge™ offers the event planner and manager the tools to track the movements of attendees in real time during an event. Manage your event better with Bit Badge™.