All KLEER Face Shield

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Quick Overview
A properly designed protective face shield with full face coverage is an excellent alternative to a face mask especially for people with breathing difficulties or other problems. In addition, our reusable clear plastic shield is perfect for situations where an unobstructed view of the face is important to social interactions.
In the front, our All KLEER protective face shields cover the face to below the chin and on the sides to the ears. An adjustable vinyl band fits comfortably around the head to hold the face shield securely in place. The strap is hinged to allow the shield to be lifted above the face without removing the entire shield.
The All KLEER protective face shield is made in the USA with food grade plastic and can be labeled with your company name and logo for brand recognition. Just submit your artwork and we’ll do the rest.
Shields should be cleaned after each use. See these easy instructions for best results.

Lead time without branding 5 to 7 business days. With branding 15 business days.

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