Individually Packed 1/2″ Flat Tubular Lanyard With Split Ring Attachment and Classic Badge Holder With Bulldog Clip

Choose an Option for Badge Holder Size and Lanyard Color

> Buy 100 for $0.72 each
> Buy 500 for $0.51 each
> Buy 1000 for $0.44 each
> Buy 5000 for $0.42 each

Your choice of three sizes of our classic badge holders attached to our 1/2″ flat tubular lanyard with split ring attachment all hygienically packaged in individual plastic bags. Lanyards are available in your choice of four colors.
For custom combination SAFE Paks, please contact customer service and choose from our large variety of badge holders and lanyards.
We also offer a custom BioSafe Pak with our BioD badge holders and sustainable lanyards packaged in a biodegradable plastic bag.
For custom orders, call Customer Service at 877.552.2343
Lead Time- 6-8 Business Days

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