KLEEN Hands Personal Hand Sanitizer

Price: $4.25

> Buy 100 for $4.25 each
> Buy 500 for $4.10 each
> Buy 1,000 for $3.80 each
> Buy 2,500 for $3.35 each
> Buy 5,000 for $3.27 each
> Buy 7,500 for $3.17 each
> Buy 10,000 for $3.06 each

Quick Overview
This 2 oz. personal hand sanitizer spritzer bottle is the perfect solution for attendees and guests on the go. Compact enough to fit in a pocket or purse, handy enough to keep hands clean throughout the day. Just spray and rub, no soap or water needed.
Hand sanitizer is 80% USP grade alcohol for optimum effectiveness. American made from all American ingredients with no added agents or essential oils which can cause irritation or allergic reactions.
Send us your artwork and we’ll put your logo, company name or the design of your choice on each bottle.
Makes a great promotional giveaway at the registration table, trade booth or reception desk that you know all your attendees, guests and visitors will appreciate.
We guarantee a fast turnaround on this very much in demand product!
Lead time 5 to 9 business days.

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