Ready Badge

Introducing Ready Badge!  


Our badge service provides you full customization printing, badge holders, stuffing, sorting, as well as data configuration and import at a cost to fit your budget. Customization can be as complex as a two-sided print with the badge back containing a detailed itinerary customized to the attendee.

  • Printed logo image from artwork you provide in EPS vector to provide optimal sizing
  • Event badges printed to order
  • 72-hour turnaround
  • 24-hour rush job available for groups up to 500
  • Badges arrive ready in name badge holders, assembled in badge trays to your grouping and sorting specification

We even create your event using our unique onsite software, that allows you to use any laptop and printer combination to do edits, add-on registrations and reprints onsite!  No more mail-merge or hand written badges! 

For more information or a demonstration, contact our sales support team at 1-877-552-2343.